Aluminum baby food pan with internal nonstick coanting Ø16cm

Code 20544216

The Monsterkids and Monsterbaby lines of cute and friendly monsters were created to make the children's table full of fun.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Sauce pan in aluminum with internal Starflon T1 non-stick coating and external polyester coating.
Heat resistant bakelite handle with sof-touch coating.
Nylon knob.
Recommendations for Use SAFE AND PROPER USE:
Use extra care when handling hot cookware. Use gloves if necessary and keep items away from children.

Instructions for use:
Follow the instructions below for your Starflon non-stick product to last longer.
Befor use:
Wash the cookware thoroughly both inside and outside with a soft sponge and mild soap or liquid detergente. Dry well with a soft cloth and grease the interior with oil or grease. Place on low heat for one or two minutes. Allow to cool and than wash and dry again. Your Starflon cookware is now ready for use and may be used greased or ungreased, as desired.
During use:
Avoid overheating empty cookware. Do not heat cookware with a polyester finish above 220°C. Do not aloow fatty products to run down the cookware's exterioras they can leave stains. Use only utensilis made of silicone, nylon or wood when stirring or removing food from Starflon products so as not to cut or scratch the products surface. Never cut food directly on the non-stick finish.
Avoid immersinghot cookware in cold water. Allow the cookware to cool befora washing. Even after several uses, never use abrasive products such as harsh soaps or steel wool to clean cookware. To remove burnt foad, soak cookware in water before cleaning. To extend the life of this product, dishwasher use is not recommended.
Weight 0,45 kg
Length 326 mm
Width 173 mm
Height 139 mm
Warranty Warranty against defective workmanship
Capacity 1.50 L