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Tramontina Guru 4 Piece Starter Set

# 81502000

Guru Starter Set Includes:

  • Guru Induction Cooktop
  • 9.5 in. Fry Pan Ceramic Nonstick Aluminum
  • 4 Qt. Covered Dutch Oven Tri-Ply Base Stainless Steel

Meet Tramontina Guru™— the complete cooking solution for the chef in you.

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We’re cooking up something good.

  • Next-gen Cooktop

    Induction cooking gets an upgrade with smart
    controls, safety, and a sleek design built to bring out
    a better cook in anyone.

  • From Sync to Serve

    Simply link your phone or tablet and start cooking
    something tasty.

  • Cooking Precision

    Fully-integrated temperature sensor and precision
    scale offer complete control of every cooking step.

  • Portability

    Take your lightweight and easy clean-up
    Tramontina Guru™ anywhere (with a power outlet).

  • Over 200 video-guided recipes

    Exclusive test-kitchen created dishes with new
    additions every month.

  • Manage Mealtime

    By ingredient, difficulty, preparation time, cuisine, etc.

  • Chef by Step

    Where you learn more about cooking and your
    kitchen with tips on using knives, pans, utensils, etc.

  • Smarter Meal Plans

    Stay informed about the nutritional data of every
    dish and control your portion amounts.

  • From Scale to Sizzle

    Every piece of Guru Cookware has been engineered,
    balanced and tested so you can trust your cooking
    at every degree.

  • Nonstick and No Worries

    The 9.5in Ceramic Nonstick FryPan offers cast-
    aluminum construction to sauté, fry and braise your
    way to perfection with easy clean-up.

  • Tri-Ply Performance

    The 4QT Covered Dutch Oven features a fully clad
    blend of aluminum and steel layers for superior heat
    distribution and handling ease.

  • Beyond the Basic

    Upgrade your cooking game with additional.
    Tramontina Guru compatible cookware
    Shop our exclusive Guru Cookware Collection and
    keep cooking smarter, easier, and tastier.

Hundreds of Recipes, Tips, and Techniques.
One cooking system to guide anyone from
kitchen novice to gourmet.

Chef Meets Tech
Cooking gets an upgrade, with smart controls and innovative features.
Online and On the Go
At home or anywhere, power-up your Guru and start cooking something delicious.
Cook with Confidence
Precision meets perfection, with delicious dishes every time.
Simmer to Serve Together
Share your success stories with a growing community of cooks.
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We're cooking up something good.
We can’t wait to Guru with You.