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About Us

A century-old company with solid values, dedicated people, and willingness to innovate.

The brand, present in over 120 countries, combines an innovative spirit with a tradition of quality to continue winning and leading markets. Tramontina accompanies people in several moments of their lives with products ranging from kitchen utensils and equipment, appliances, agricultural and gardening tools, wooden and plastic furniture, utility vehicles, civil construction, electric hardware, to industrial and automotive maintenance. In all segments, innovation, design, technology, quality, and the satisfaction of doing things well are always present.

Tramontina USA was established in 1986 to deliver customers quality products within the United States. Our success comes not only from the quality products you use every day or our outstanding customer service, but also from our team—hardworking, ordinary people who have teamed up to accomplish extraordinary things.

Tramontina's mission

To do beautifully well to inspire people’s daily lives and stimulate meaningful experiences, generating value and satisfaction for clients, consumers, employees, stakeholders, and communities.

Tramontina’s Vision

To lead the industry in customer satisfaction for delivering the best everyday solutions. To remain a brand that is a reference for quality, innovation, wholesome relationships, and human values.

Our Structure in Brazil

Tramontina’s logistic strategy is based on Distribution Centers [DCs] located in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Goiás, Bahia, and Pará. The system covers the Brazilian market ensuring speedy deliveries and business deals in the most strategic regions of the country. And assuring the presence of the brand in the whole national territory.

As a support to the Distribution Network, there are also Regional Sales Offices [RSOs], which are branches of the respective DCs, acting as commercial support. Located in the cities of Porto Alegre, RS, Curitiba, PR, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Belo Horizonte, MG, and Recife, PE, they help products reach their destination on time and in the best conditions to satisfy consumers.

international market

Tramontina increasingly proves itself to be one of the top Brazilian brands abroad. Present in five continents and dozens of countries, its products have won over the most diverse people around the world. Whether in the United States, Germany, the Philippines, the Congo, or the Arab Emirates, Tramontina increasingly gains credibility and preference amongst consumers in over 120 countries – 16 of which have their own units.

The consolidation of the company’s international presence began with Tramontina U.S.A. [TUSA], the first Distribution Center abroad. Now, it is one of the Brazilian companies with its own brand that exports the most. Advancing in international markets is a result of investments in new technologies and product collections developed according to the taste of each culture and the profit each market.

To strengthen the relationship with clients outside of Brazil, these markets are served via the Regional Sales Office and Distribution Centers. A network of distributors and representatives complement the efficiency of the company’s logistic system and quick service.


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